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Default A couple of bits of fic

These are pretty old, but I'll post them here for completeness' sake.

A few years back, a friend and I challenged one another to do an "ultimized" take on the DCU. This was around the time Wizard did the same thing in their magazine. Our challenge was to take whichever version of the characters we liked best, but use them as a way of introducing the entire concept and mythology for a new audience.

I, of course, did GL. And I started with Kyle, deliberately, intending to work my way from there and bring in everyone else.

It's part finished at the moment (Transformers fic kind of got in the way) and written in an odd style ("scriptment" form, which was part of our challenge to one another) but if you're interested, check it out...

- Love and Fatality, part one
- Love and Fatality, part two
- Love and Fatality, part three
- The Army of Order, part one

Comments and crits welcome and appreciated
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