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Default A question about the rings' charging limitations...

So they all include a universal translator (obviously a plot device to get around the fact that not everyone in the universe speaks English), right? Often pointed out when the rings are unable translate Indigo babble. But in Green Lantern: Secret Origin (a compilation of Green Lantern 29-35, apparently), Atrocitus uses his DIY skills to build a 'cosmic divining rod', that completely drains Hal and Sinestro's rings. They have absolutely no energy left in them, as made evident when Hal and Sinestro's uniforms disappear. However, they are still able to converse with ease... How are they able to speak?

Furthermore, to recharge, Sinestro 'recalls his power battery from a confined pocket dimension', by means of a green portal. Unless Korigarians have some amazing transdimensional summoning abilities (which last time I checked, they don't) this shouldn't be possible... should it?

Anyone got any solutions? >_<
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I'm sure there's some silly explanation because this stuff has happened since the beginning, but I'd agree, they shouldn't be able to communicate or to access the pocket dimension if there ring is dead.
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If I remember the plot correctly in the original books, Hal's ring was drained completely, but Sinestro's was not. Don't know if that plot point changed in the TPB. Sometimes things appeared in the trades that were never in the originals. Consider, for example, in Rebirth, when Sinestro knocks a resurrected Hal halfway across the surface of the moon...bounce, bounce, bounce, ouch...the dialog box "Damn, that felt good" was not in the original comic.

My guess for how it could have worked was Sinestro's advanced ability to draw on the reserve charge of his ring...which, at that point in time, still existed within the power scheme of the rings. Another ploy, which Hal used more than once, was to send a packet of ring energy away from the battle, willed to return later and reinhabit the ring.

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