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View Poll Results: Should John get his own book?
Yes, he deserves it 40 60.61%
No, he's a better supporting/backup player 24 36.36%
Ugh, too many books as is! 2 3.03%
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Originally Posted by Martley of 2814 View Post

For you.

I never really had any love for John. He's so different depending on what year he's being written. I never get a good feel for OK, This is John.

At first he's like all street smart, then he's architechtural, then he's a screwup then he's some kind of sage advice giver to Kyle then he's a GL again.

His demeanor and way he talks is sooooo different all the time too.
somehow to me...
looks like John have a darkest past than Hal as Parallax
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I think he should but doubt it will happen. Probably will get a mini series again like before. I think his WHOLE history should be put into a mini series. Ther's too many gaps in his character.
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After seing ten thousand Hal Jordan Secret Origins. I would love to see one of John Stewart. I like Hal Jordan but this Hal Jordan nostalgia starting to get on my nuts.

BTW. ALL John Stewart books were very strong in sales. But sometimes sales doesn't matter for DC. Those wankers would rather bring out the Lois Lane book again than a John Stewart book.

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