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Default Green Lantern Corps on PVP Server

Hello all,

I'm Apple from and the dcuo unlimited podcast, i wanted to drop in and say hi. i had another sign in years ago on here but couldn't remember my name and it was to an old email.
I wanted to invite members from GLC Forums to join our GLC team on DC Universe Online.

Now there is no cool ring dcuo has (yet, wink wink) yet in the game but best thing about comic fans we can have great imaginations. so we are recruiting fo our official Green Lantern Corps in dcuo. we have details on the site but here are some details on how to join-
System: PS3
server: No Mans Land
mentor: Superman
powers: Flight is a must, the other powers are your choosing
colors: black, green and white or green, black
emblem: swirling fireball (if you get green lantern hoddie in vault thats cool to wear of course)
Contacts: KEKJA (ME), ULTRA GL, GreenLit, Una MaYorr, EsmeralaZ, Amazing Guy and Flame War are just a few to get you in our GL Corps.

Hope some of you can join us

Also we are running our GOING GREEN campaign all month long and having contest. you all are more then welcome to do the contest, but please tell me if you are from the GL CORPS Forums so i can make the questions harder. lol

Also if you are from the GL CORPS forums and join our league, you will automatically be ranked a captain in the GL CORPS.
Just let me know you are from the forums.

take care and hopefully our podcast's can do a joint review of the Green Lantern Film to post for both our listeners.

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