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Thumbs up GL: The Hunt for Hal Jordan

The Hunt for Hal Jordan is an idea I had back when it was believed Hal would be venturing into the unknown sectors beyond where the Source Wall once stood. Like many of my other fanfics this will take bits from current continuity and Iíll just spin some things a bit differently. Iím not going to get into the other Forces like in the Flash comics, and both the Invisible Spectrum showing up in Snyderís JL and the Emotional Spectrum from GLís past decade will both not play parts in this story. Iíll be taking a page from the stuff happening in Titans with Source Wall Ďemergent energyí playing into this story. If this lasts beyond the opening arc, after the team finds Hal the roster will go through some changes here and there. Similar to the Guardians of the Galaxy when the team was relaunched in the modern day with a bunch of characters 90% of comic fans didnít even know existed, Iím gonna rotate in and out probably around 5 or 6 characters total before I settle on the core team.

This is still very much a Kyle Rayner story, however in this instance Iíve decided to write him in a team setting rather than go at something lone wolf. Thereís honestly already another fanfic idea I had written a chapter or two for featuring both Hal and Kyle back on Earth with a split POV each chapter similar to the Superman/Batman comics out there. THfHJ is a story though with a beginning, middle, and end so I decided to run with it first and see where it takes me.

Iím proofreading the first chapter one more time, making sure all the tags are right, etc. before posting it. As always critiques and comments are always welcome and appreciated!

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