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Question What Does Marvel Need?

It's pretty much the majority vote that the current era of Marvel Comics is to the point of obscurity. Can they make it out of this? Is it time for a line-wide reboot like DC went for? As fans, we're all gonna have our own bits and pieces we wanna see return. But in fairness, some of the newer stuff will likely still be around to some degree. What would you want from Marvel? Would you go back to square one? Could Marvel learn from DC's mistakes early on in the New52? Is there anything other than a line-wide reboot that could save the X-Men? Should the Inhumans really have as many titles as they have now that their movie has become a tv series?

There's a lot to think about. Spider-books. X-books. Avengers books and their affiliates. Then there's EVERYTHING ELSE.

At this point a line-wide reboot would be the easiest solution. I honestly thought the end of A vs X with the Phoenix returning was gonna end with a reboot.

I'd make it Reed Richard's fault. Say he didn't die in the end of Secret Wars, that he's been posing as another Reed in the Council of Reeds. He gets the power to return home and when he does something happens and BOOM. New mainstream Marvel. Unlike DC, I wouldn't jump five years into the universe. It'd be nearing the end of year one... but it's a big year.

In a line wide reboot I'd mostly focus on a F4 return, and also give Human Torch a solo series.

Restarting the X-Men, I'd begin with the founding five and a few other members including Havok, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Storm, and Syren. Make them all between the ages of 18-22. Hank McCoy would also be gay rather than Iceman.

The New Mutants would be a secondary title and include Cannonball, Multiple Man, Jubilee, Husk, Hellion, Rictor, Magik, and Cypher.

Wolverine would appear in Weapon X and be closer to his Ultimate counterpart. After he escapes and becomes the Wolverine, the program would continue trying to replicate Logan until X-23 arrives. Until then Sabretooth and others would be employed to go after Logan.

I gotta hit the sack. What do you guys and gals think Marvel needs? Next thing I'm gonna touch on is the teen heroes, New Warriors, and Spider-People...

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