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Exclamation Something Different... Earth Lanterns circa 2600

So... does anybody here actually read the Justice League?


A few weeks back I'd found an article somewhere online about how a story in the JL title was changing history, or rather adding to it. When I found out how the Lanterns were handled I had to read the story. I thought the new spin on Lantern Corps policing individual planets was pretty slick. Other nice bits in the story Timeless included a young Brainiac 5 in the 31st century giving Cyborg his 'flight bracelet' that only fits around two of Cyborg's fingers, Aquaman fighting alongside ancient dry Atlantians before the city was sunk, as well as Wonder Woman being present for the birth of the Greek Gods.

But back to those Lanterns...

At first glance, the artist didn't put Lantern symbols in the giant chest circles and it looked more like energy similar to what Alpha Lanterns were drawn like at times. The story of this Corps revolves around the Earth getting quarantined so that 'it's darkness cannot spread throughout space'. More on that later. The backstory then continues with 'One Lantern chose to stay, but even he couldn't save us from the darkness...' and the Lantern shown looks similar to Hal Jordan. The people and aliens already living on Earth were victims of war with power beyond measure. Until they harnessed the green light. Then the people built a battery of their own. Presumably, this became a popular thing in the future with the 'first of it's kind...' line. And to be honest, for a concept in stories set in the future... it isn't half bad.

Now about that darkness... aka the Power Plagues. Which from what I understand of the story [or how I interpreted it] forces like the magics of Atlantis and the Amazons, the Speed Force, and future technology has wrecked the planet. Now in the story, I *think* it was the then enemy of the JL... the Timeless. However, if you still go on the whole Power Plagues and set up the enemies of the Earth Corps... you could have enemies with Flash type powers and abilities, rogue Amazons, scorned Atlantians... hell maybe the Amazons go to war with Atlantis Flashpoint style and THAT'S how part of the world goes to hell. And future/advanced technology has polluted the time stream for years with villains like Chronos, the Lord of Time, etc. and heroes like Booster Gold.

This concept was born in the pages of the Justice League post Rebirth with issue #16. Aside from Baz and Cruz being the ones interacting with this future Corps, I'd highly recommend the arc. The first issue of the follow up arc just hit stand a week or two back. The story was pretty solid but it kinda left me wanting more after Superman and Batman basically took over. There's also this group of time travelers who helped the League defeat Rao... IDK what to make of them yet.

And yes... there are constructs.

What do you guys think... would an alternate future more like this one appeal more to you than another spin on the Legion of Superheroes?


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