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from :

- UPDATED 11/7/07: The character who makes a guest appearance is male.

- UPDATED 10/31/07: The guest character ends up saving the lives of two other characters and is quickly deemed a "hero."
- The guest character first exhibits powers in this story thanks to a Kryptonite plot device that may stretch your imagination a little bit, but it's still fun.
- Jimmy thinks this person's power is "cool," which makes Chloe question her decision not to tell him about her meteor-based ability.
- Erica Durance (Lois) does not appear in this episode.
- Lex tries to use this newly-supowerpowered person to his advantage.

- UPDATED 10/26/07: A character that fans have been wanting to see on Smallville for the past few seasons should be appearing in this one.
- Title Posted. Please do not repost this on other websites without a link to
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Originally Posted by methos View Post
Hmmm... Green Lantern in Smallville?

Nice! You'll have to add Black Canary and Martian Manhunter!!
Where did you find all those full body shots of Arthur, Vic and Bart???
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