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Brother Eye
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Great pics guys. Love to see the faces that go along with the voices. Keep up the good work you guys!
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Shingo Wol
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Originally Posted by Kuhan View Post
Were you seriously doubting it? I don't look black at all... The hair for one...
I've met some white people who claim to be black, so you never know...
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Jarvis Tetch
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I liked the new pictures I saw of the comic convention.
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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
you lucky dog!!
Tallest Silver(batwoman) and Kit Queen(wonderwoman) are AWESOME

next year next year! that will be me!!

Bring on CHAOS, bring on MY HAPPINESS, bring on rage ..Rage ..RAGE!!!

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Fight like a man: with your words, not your fists.
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What is this thread actuly about?
Originally Posted by IonFan View Post
(even if the ear sucking helped get me off faster)
Originally Posted by Big Daddy Caesar View Post
If I had things like the internet and a laptop as a kid, I never would have left my room as a teenager.
Originally Posted by Quaker View Post
I am the Geoff Johns of the GLCMB.
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Weaponer of Qward
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Like the pics guys, Nice to see what people look like!!!!
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