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View Poll Results: Should Sinestro be redeemed?
No way, no how. He's evil. Never. 9 64.29%
I don't see how it's even possible, but a good story might change my mind. 3 21.43%
I really don't know. 0 0%
Maybe, down the road. 1 7.14%
It was Parallax, maybe. He's guilt-free on what he did before. 1 7.14%
What he did was unforgivable, but he's earned enough to be given a chance. 0 0%
Yes, he should be. 0 0%
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Originally Posted by Rotten2thecorps View Post
I would like to see him acomplish his goal. Make the universe a utopia through fear and brutality. He killse every bad guy so brutally that no one is ever brave enough to step out of line again. Then he trains a successor who runs the universe with kindness and compassion. The twis at the end of the minni is that he makes his new sucessor kill him in the most brutal fassion imaginable because he always realized all villians deserve the same fate.

It's a little dark but I think it would be a cool read.
It would, but it always amazed me that he didn't put down Mongul when he had the chance.
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Doesn't seem like he's redeeming himself in anyway whatsoever. Just going about ruthlessly setting up the Sinestro Corps as the Universe's new peacekeeping force.

That being said, he also is apparently, openly, blatantly hiring bounty hunters to eliminate all the other corps. Nice PR there bro!
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