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Trey Strain
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Originally Posted by Big Daddy Dave Skywalker View Post
That looks dreadful. Even as a kid I would have rolled my eyes at that garbage. They are trying too hard to attract young girls as readers.
Like all the chirpy chicks with nasal voices like Erin Andrews who get hired as football announcers now. As in, "We're so smart, we're gonna pull in a whole new and incongruous demographic that's never cared about our product!"

When has that ever worked?

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Big Daddy Dave Skywalker
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Lol, I can't take young girl commentators in comics or sports seriously. Any comic podcast I try if there is a girl there young enough to be my daughter I tune right out. I just can't. Not if I've been a fan of said product longer than they have been alive. That goes for males too, but with women you have to deal with the screeching voice added to it.
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Space Cop
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In this week's issue (#6) of Young Justice, Teen Lantern's origin was finally given (in the space of a page). It's pretty much what the solicits said, though. She didn't actually hack a battery or ring. It's supposed to be that she essentially "hacked" the actual energy and managed to make a conduit for it (like pirating a radio frequency).
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