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Default Streaming DC UNIVERSE

The new trailer is everything and more than I'd hoped for. New shows like YJ season 3, Titans, Doom Patrol, and Swamp Thing will be on the service as well as what looks like the ENTIRE DC library. There's animated movies, tv series both old and new including the Fleischer Superman shorts, Batman Beyond, etc.

Now what REALLY caught me off guard? The service includes monthly DC Comics. It looks like only the top character's titles, but it was mentioned the service is still just going into Beta testing soon. The idea you could pick monthly comics and series in the future and not JUST what they offer in the beginning has me beyond speechless. There's also a Networking type of feature like PS4 or something, but IDK about social networking in that manner.

The only downside is due to deals with other streaming services [looking at Netflix and Hulu] DC Universe won't have the CW stuff.

On the original content front it's been mentioned the studios are looking at Kelsey Grammer to play the Chief in Doom Patrol... which would be F***ING AMAZING.

With everything finally coming forward about the service what does everybody think? Will this be a new beginning for the digital era of DC Comics?

- Ω
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