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Andrew NDB
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Default How would you save/fix the DCEU?

Me, personally...

1. Cancel almost everything in pre-production. Almost all of the "Batgirl" and "Nightwing" type stuff. Or at least freeze it.

2. Fast-track "Superman" (Man of Steel 2). With Cavill. It can serve as a kind of "Incredible Hulk" to "Man of Steel"'s "Hulk." Have a small part for the Pattinson Batman in it at some point.

3. Include something quick in some movie that's already in post-production (maybe WW 1984, maybe something else) showing the Batman and Flash status quo being shaken up by something. Explaining the new actors.

4. In Joker 2, actually do tie it into the Jared Leto Joker. Like there could be a present day narrative with the Jared Leto Joker being inspired by the Phoenix Joker. Maybe at the end the Leto Joker even kills his hero. Now we can go full steam ahead with a Leto Joker who's now earned his place.

5. Fast-track "Green Lantern Corps." No Baz or Jessica, unless it's just cameos.

6. Other than that, proceed with Aquaman 2 as planned and WW 3 assuming WW 1984 is good. And even if WW 1984 is not good, don't abandon the course with movie #3, just clean house on Jenkins and company.
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Michael Heide
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Step 1: The fish rots from the head. Replace everyone at DC Entertainment, and probably the higher-ups at Warner. These people have made some truly terrible decisions, and despite whatever we might come up with in this brainstorming, they will most definitely find a way to tear it down. DC Comics have announced another Crisis, let the current heads do that, and start anew immediately afterwards with people who get these characters and are passionate for all of them. Mark Waid would be an excellent Superman group editor, or even editor-in-chief. Get Chris Sims as Batman group editor. Try to poach Sana Amanat away from Marvel and make her Wonder Woman group editor. Give Jim Lee carte blanche for Wildstorm, but keep him out of the DC Universe for all that is holy. The DC Universe is not the Wildstorm Universe. What works for one does not work for the other. Trying to make one of them into the other never works. So for the love of God, stop trying. Get rid of the excessive lines on Flash's costume. Get rid of the seams on Superman's. The years from 1938 to 2000 have shown us very clearly what works for these characters, and the years from 2001 to 2019 have shown us very clearly what doesn't. Learn from that. Stop trying to expect better results from doing the same mistakes over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. It will. Not. Work.

2. Focus on the movies currently in production. WW84, The Batman, and probably sequels to Aquaman and Shazam. Do not, I repeat, do not at all costs allude to any shared universe. Let Gadot, and Momoa, and Levi, and everyone with a tie to the Justice League or Suicide Squad movies finish out their contracts. Let The Batman do his thing. If it works, and with that cast list, it better, then we can build from there. If it doesn't, scrap that as well.

3. Start over. Recast everyone with fresh faces (unless Pattinson's movie series works out, than spare that corner). Preferably not actresses and actors from other comic book franchises (I think Aquaman had maybe two or three people who hadn't had another comic book role before, everyone else was in everything from Spider-Man to Batman Forever to Green Lantern to Conan, it was ridiculous).

4. Learn from what Marvel did right, not from what you want to do right. Marvel wasn't successful because they had a shared universe. If that was the single reason, we would be knee-deep in Dark Universe spin-offs right now. No. Marvel took a long and hard look at their characters and at what worked and what didn't, at what would translate to the screen and what wouldn't. They gave each of their initial phase of movies its own flavor. Iron Man was a hard rock infused action movie. Cap was the Rocketeer. Thor was Shakespeare. Hulk was supposed to be a psychological action blockbuster, but they ruined it in post production and almost bungled the whole MCU then and there. And then they made Avengers the biggest peanut butter and jelly sandwich by combining all of the different tastes into one harmonic whole.

DC, however, saw that people liked the bread that was Nolan's Batman (but not the shoddily made Green Lantern with a special effects budget smaller than the average PS2 game, and it showed) and gave us a sandwich made of dry bread between three layers of dry bread, and then they managed to burn all of the bread.

If Pattinson's Batman works, fine. Don't outright say that Batman is the only superhero in the universe, and you won't need any world building there. Then make a Green Lantern movie that is Star Wars with rings. Make a Flash movie that is basically Bill Nye in The Fast and the Furious. Give someone like David Fincher a Martian Manhunter movie and see what happens. As long as no single movie openly contradicts any of the others, you're fine. You don't need to worry about an overall tone that all of your movies have to adhere to. If everybody is the same dull gray morally ambiguous bastard, what does a team-up truly add? By now, you should also see what works in the rebooted comic books. See how you can best adapt those elements onto the screen.

5. When you've made a couple of strong, seemingly unconnected solo films, surprise everyone by not advertising your shared universe. Marvel hadn't advertised Nick Fury in Iron Man. The earliest press releases didn't even have that scene. The shock of "wait a minute, it's all connected" is better pr than any "we're going to out-Marvel Marvel" bullshit could ever be.

And then hit us over the head with the Justice League. Don't revisit Darkseid, or any other of the New Gods. Despite what Geoff Johns seemed to think, the JLA has more serious enemies than that. And we still want to distinguish ourselves from Snyder. The world has to see that this is a new status quo. So that even if they have given up on DC, they can now be excited again.
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Michael Heide
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Oh, and two more things. Don't be afraid of making Superman smile. With the right actor, there's no reason it wouldn't work. It worked with Reeve, it worked with Routh, it could have worked with Chris Evans. So find an actor who can do Superman, and don't tailor your Superman after your actor.

The other thing is, do what's good for the movie, not what earns your chief creative officer the most royalties.
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Space Cop
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^I agree about sidelining or underplaying the shared universe. That wave one of MCU worked because the stories worked individually. The tie-ins were after the real story ended and they weren’t a main feature nor shoved in your face.
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That Evil, Yellow Bastiche
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honestly, instead of trying to redesign/rebuild/re-start from scratch everything, Id just keep it moving while trying to not pander to too many diff voices. Id also look at wat went right w/both WW & AM (taking both director input *and* fan reaction into account), and make a movie that has fun being itself w/o coming off as too ridiculous (like a DC comic from the late 70s - 80s, as opposed to ones from the 40s - early 60s.)

beyond that, I'm actually ok w/the DCEU as it is......


Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
Geoff Johns should have a 10 mile restraining order from comic books, let alone films.
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Step 1: Release the Snyder Cut of Justice League in theaters and make it the billion dollar movie it should've been, and then accept it as the canonical version of the film.

Step 2: Make GLC and introduce Darksied's new plan for Earth via whatever enemy Hal and John are dealing with, a la Guardian's of the Galaxy and Thanos.

Step 3: Make a light hearted Superman movie showing him getting into the flow of being the big blue Boy Scout.

Step 4: Finish the Aquaman, WW, and Shazam sequels with post credit scenes alluding to Darksied's plans.

Step 5: Make a Justice League film about Darksied's personal invasion of Earth, climaxing with a variation of Superman's "world of cardboard" speech.

Step 6: Move forward with a series of films designed around recruiting lesser known heroes to fill the ranks of the Justice League specifically to defend against interstellar threats, while Lex and Deathatroke organize an Earth level threat with the villains therefrom.

Step 7: Make a Legion of Doom movie focused on the villains as the protagonists and the heroes as the antagonists.

Step 8: Emerald Twilight, Zero Hour, Final Night.
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