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Andrew NDB
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Default "The Walking Dead" comic ends (#193)

Read it.







It was OK. It jumps ahead some number of years, adult Carl kills a walker belonging to Glenn's kid and goes on trial for destroying someone's property... twice. And gets off. No trace of Negan, unless I blinked and missed it.

Also, I didn't get any indication that the dead aren't still rising, just that the world is better equipped to deal with them now.
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The real story here though is that Marvel was behind it's cancellation:

They were also behind Vertigo being shut down:

These two events means we must ask, has Marvel grown too powerful? 🤔
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Michael Heide
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There's a guy on Twitter who's been discussing with Kurt Busiek for hours that Marvel is still to blame for Walking Dead's cancellation because CNN said so and we all just misunderstood the headline. Even though CNN retracted that headline shortly afterwards.

He even adressed Kurt Busiek of all people with "You've missed a lot, bub."
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