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They finally released the New 52 Black Adam skin for the PS4, its AWESOME

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now I want it for my PS3
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Originally Posted by Robinson View Post
Its funny that after that whole conversation about whether you spam fight or not with that meteor attack that you call a character cheap.

Gave me a chuckle.
i know im way late on this but im with the other people when they say scorpion shouldnt be in. as a hardcore mk geek myself i just felt that spot couldve gone to a dc charachter worthy of it. being cheap isnt the issue for me it just seemed like a wasted slot .

as much as i love the game the one other thing that struck a cord with me was to many batman charachters. sure yea the nolan trilogy made a mark but they couldve added some villains from both man of steel and arrow. i wanted a sequel instead of mk x because i like dc having a fighting game. also this is just my issue with fighting games period they need to really expand on the arcade ladder because 10 or 15 stages is insane expecailly when some are the same but at night.
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