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Default Green Lantern soldier/army clothes.


About 20 years ago, I read a comic that my father had bought. I don't remember how or when he got it, but I would assume it was older than me. That would make it about 30 years old. I don't think it was a Green Lantern comic, but something from Justice League or something.

I can hardly remember the details, but I remember a Green Lantern who traveled to a planet somewhere, and he found this cave with some very old soldier/army clothes with the appearance of old roman style. I don't believe the owners were from the GL Corps, but some followers of some kind. There were white capes with green GL emblems. Red clothes, and these roman hats with green "hair" or what they have on top there.

Later he had to battle this very big giant that I can't remember how looked like. But I think the ring was useless against him and he had to use the old weapons from this cave or something.

Have anyone ever read this comic and can recall where it was from?
I would so much like to read this again!

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Kinda sounds like one of those "Tales from the Corps" magician side-stories, it would be worth flipping through the first two trade paperbacks to check.

Other issues that come to mind are 164 (white GL clothes and a big monster)... and the one where that crazy-swirly-eyed GL takes tithes from civilizations, 154, but none of those really match your description.
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