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Big Daddy Dave Skywalker
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GL also flourished even better for 10 years under Alan Scott. He carried a solo title 2 anthologies and a team book. His sales numbers were larger than anything GL has seen since.
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Michael Heide
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Very good point.
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Well, that was, of course, a completely different era when the industry as a whole was a lot healthier. However, I don't think Hal Jordan is necessary to have as a lead character for the Green Lantern franchise to flourish. However, he is, by far, the most used one, and as such, has probably built the biggest fanbase of comic buyers.

Working on comics myself, I've really learned something. Even though I didn't really learn it, because it's something we all know. The more content you put out, the more people seem to like your stuff... If it's any good. Like I said, it's something you already know, but when you actually see it in effect with your own stuff... I guess... you know it... more? You just kind of feel it differently, and your perspective on some things can open, widen, or change.

Hal Jordan has a lot more content as a leading man than any of the others, so I see why some people in power keep going back to him, and why some fans prefer him most. There's a lot of precedent there, and since he has way more content behind him than the others, there's more for writers to work with, if they care to.

I think what I'm getting at is my perspective changed from being a fan of comics, to more of a maker of comics, and looking at it that way, I understand why Hal Jordan is often in the spotlight compared to the others. Which isn't bad, because lately, I've found fans to sometimes be somewhat irrational or... mmm... how to say... their vision is sometimes clouded by fandom. It's understandable, because being a fan of something is mostly an emotional response. Things like reason, practicality, objective reality, often take a backseat to feelings.

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