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Default Archives 8 is it ever gonna happen?

Why dose it take so long for these things to come out? Are they even doing them any more/
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Space Cop
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I thought it was canceled, but I could be wrong.
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Mister Ed
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I haven't seen ANY Archives in ages. I think they are gone for good. The problem is that, not only haven't they made any archives, they haven't made any more Chronicles (the TPB series that they seemed to be replacing them with) or any more of the Omnibuses for old titles (I was hoping I could fill in the gaps of my GL collection with an Omnibus that lead up to GL/GA). All the collections these days seem to only be for newer stuff and runs that are somehow topical because of what is going on in the newer stuff. They seem to have totally abandoned any attempt to systematically collect older titles.

The only option I have for getting the GL issues I don't have, in print, is the collections that are only in B&W, and I refuse to even consider that (though I did check them out of the library so I could at least READ them all).
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DC is committed to their online strategy. They'll probably only bring it to comixology.
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