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By the way, I just read a pre-Crisis AC where they mention Superman having multiple doubles that he frequently has used to show Clark and Kal El in the same place and I think I've seen the robot doubles post-Crisis. Really, if you've seen that just once or twice, you'd probably never think it again. I seem to remember Batman using a double for the same thing. Can't recall Hal doing it though.
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Originally Posted by Lord Malvolio View Post
I am more surprised Carol never figured it out... had a crush on Hal AND GL? And actually thought it was two different guys that happen to be exactly the same hieght and build, same hair style, same voice and were in same area during problems? Ahh the inocent 60's....
Carol figured it out in the movie.
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It made more sense in the movie that Carol saw right through it - the same conceits for comic books just don't hold up. At least with Superman, (as best shown by Christopher Reeves) Clark and Superman totally carried themselves differently, spoke differently, exuded totally different energies. The biggest feat that movie accomplished was not making you believe a man could fly, it was making you believe that Lois Lane could conceivably not know Superman and Clark Kent were the same person. (something Snyder didn't even try to attempt) But Hal is Hal, whether he's in costume or not so it would've been harder to convince an audience that the mask could fool anyone who knew Hal.
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