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Default A talk about the the Fear Cult known as the Jedi

I have always seen the Clone Wars as the culmination of the failure of the Jedi Order. For thousands of years the Jedi have dealt with their own fallen, both, through the Sith were were originally created by Jedi who were banished from the Order, and through those who "Fell To The Dark".

The Jedi has for thousands of years held a deep secret fear of emotion. They were convinced it lead to the Dark Side. And that the Dark Side is a bad thing. Yet they taught their members to fight. Combat no matter how you parse the words is a aggressive and emotional act.

Oh Jedi claim they remain calm and feel nothing. I don't believe this is the case. Mace Windu is a perfect example of this. Through Vaapad he was able to express his passions and emotions by feeding off the emotions of his opponents. And it showed, In Episode 3 with his fight with Palpatine it became very clear that while Mace was feeding off the dark side coming from Palpatine he was being overwhelmed by it emotionally. Which is why those final almost bloodthirsty moments happened from him. He wasn't calm he wasn't thinking like a Jedi or a member of the Jedi Council, he was angry, outraged and on a adrenal high from the fight.

Stop and consider, if Mace had been truly calm, thinking clearly and was emotionally stable at that moment. Would he have ignored Anakin saying he needed Palpatine alive. Or why Anakin had ignored his orders to stay away. Would he have decided to be judge jury and executioner all in that moment if he was truly acting as a Jedi is supposed to.

Through both Legends and Canon we have example after example of Jedi "Falling" because they became emotional. The Jedi were not raised to be emotionally stable people. They were given a single edict on what and how to think and that any emotion was bad. All out of Fear .. which is what even Yoda admits to post the fall of the order. They were afraid, afraid of emotion, afraid of their own power and afraid of being seen in a bad light.

In many wars that have happened around the world there have been soldiers who have fled the battlefield. Or gone insane during highly emotional fights. Because they were not emotionally prepared to deal with what they were seeing and doing. That lack of emotional stability isn't common in the average population, but it's prevalent in the Jedi Order. Because from birth their taught to fear emotion Fear is the only emotion they are taught, Fear Emotion, Fear Love, Fear Attachment, Fear any Passion or Pride. So it's no wonder why the Jedi must end. It's a cult of fear and ignorance wrapped in a zen like cloak which is supposed to instill confidence from those on the outside looking in.

I'll end my little rant here but I hope if nothing else it gives people a moment to stop and really see the Jedi for what they are beyond the flash and lightsabers.

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