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Question DCUO ?'s

I just hit Level 9 as far as my stats go, and I purchased the supersonic flight ability. It said to control this power by using L3 or the Number Lock key, but on my laptop I don't have a number lock key. How do I go in and change the control for that one power?

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found this by googling ..

"I just changed my key binding to R. F for fast, R for really fast :P
Plus R is is the perfect spot and doesnt do anything anyway. Just go to settings and go to bindings."

"you can change your key bindings from the Settings menu.
or do what i do, plug in a gamepad and click L3. "
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Escape > Settings > then scroll to the right until you find "Key Bindings" > then scroll down and look for "Fast Movement Lock"

Good luck!
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