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Originally Posted by Jeffi.Kaiser View Post
But a bunch of Street Level villains would be NOTHING against the combined forces of Flash, Lantern, Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman
Oh, it could work. In the last few years, we've seen Luthor hospitalize Superman and Bane immobilize Batman in live-action movies. In the JLA-Doom animated flick, we saw a mostly-street level group get the upper hand on the JLA. It all comes down to solid writing.
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I guess me and you have different views on what street level is then. I don't think of Luthor when I hear Street Level. Bane, maybe.
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Originally Posted by Jeffi.Kaiser View Post
I have said it before somewhere on here in regards to a Justice League movie that I think Mongol would be a great first villain.

You introduce him to the audience with Warworld as his own gladiator pit for his amusement. He comes to Earth because he has heard that we have received our first Green Lantern and he wants to inspect the world for any potential champions. He brings Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman and a few other super powered beings like Metamorpho, Plasticman etc to Warworld.

Batman is on Earth trying to figure out how to breach Warworld and release people. He brings the team together while they are onboard and as a team they break free and begin to push his forces off Planet.

You introduce more than just who is going to be the initial team so they have room to flesh out the movie universe.

It gives them a legitimate reason to all be in one place at a time and to have a reason to form a team. Plus it gives us Mongol for a potential Lantern sequel.
This is the best idea I've seen yet.

Originally Posted by Gray Lantern View Post
I'm thinking Brainiac would work well as he can be a global threat, but he's not your typical alien invasion.
I think Brainiac should be left to the next Superman Movies and be used to introduce Kandor.

People love seeing superheroes fight (they even had it in Avengers). Why not take it to the next level. Atlantis vs Themyscria vs Kandor (A Trinity War if you may) for JL2 or 3.

It could lead to the disbanding of the JL and leave space for brand new Justice League characters to fill the void (Maybe legacy characters if they even wanted to)
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I REALLY like the Mongul/Warworld idea, as well as throwing in a couple 2nd and 3rd stringers for background appearances and cameos.

As for Starro, I like the Morrison League origin where the more alien looking Star Conquerors invade Flash's old hometown [I think?] Blue Valley. Flash tries to stop the threat himself only to be the first metahuman who's taken by the aliens. The League forms because the Flash is one of the most powerful metahumans on the planet with his unmatched speed and could lead the aliens in taking over the world. Instead of using the Spectre to take their powers away and send the League in blind, they'd go in guns blazing making sure not to hurt the civilians enslaved by the Star Conquerors and give Batman time to do what Batman does best: use a planned assault on the Flash using frigid temperatures to knock out the alien tech and free his face as well as shut down the aliens base of operations...

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Doctor Light or Felix Faust, depending on whether the special effects and marketing people wanted to go for glitz or Harry Potter-esque.

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