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Default New Legion of Doom in Justice League

I don't know why I am so sour about the use of Sinestro in the Legion of Doom in Snyder's Justice League book but I am. Of the Horseman earth Lanterns, Sinestro has had the least interaction with John. I must admit I was already sour when they chose John and not Hal for the Justice League. Not because I don't like John but because Hal has gotten so little Justice League time, even in John's version he left the team early. It is also because of the seeming notion at DC that all GL's are the same and you can put anybody with a ring anywhere since they are interchangeable to help with gender and racial diversity issues. Sinestro shouldn't care about the earth in general and shouldn't be used as John's nemesis since he is Hal's. If you want to be true to the cartoon then use Hal if you want John in the JLA use or create John's arch enemies.
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