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Question Jack Kirby's the Guardian

So there's all those one shots this month to celebrate what would have been the comics legend's 100th birthday.... but no Guardian among them. You know what would be AMAZING right about now? A recognizable hero with a shield not getting completely mucked with. Don't give him some super tech'ed out looking costume, don't let him fly on his shield [who's idea was THAT again?!?], and don't try to fill some PC quota by making him anybody other than Jim Harper. For some time DC used him in the Superman titles in the 90's 00's. And it makes sense, he was a hero with ties to Suicide Slum. He was a mentor to the clone Superboy for much of his series. And just before the New52 reboot Guardian was even in the Justice League of America for a time.

All I'm trying to get at here is with all the controversy regarding the current situation with Hydra Cap over at Marvel, the celebration of Kirby at DC ATM just seems like a wasted opportunity to only get a maxi series for one character created by Kirby [and NO, I'm not including the new Challengers since it spins out of METAL]. Don't get me wrong, I'm also a fan of the classic iteration of Manhunter [who's getting a one shot!], I just think Guardian is a better bet as a solo star. I also think Orion is a better sell than Mister Miracle but I'm excited for that series all the same!

The character has ties to Superman, the WWII era, as well as Suicide Slum. There's so much potential to let it go to waste. The main difference between Guardian and Captain America is pretty simple. And once you look at it from a different perspective it makes complete sense. Capt. America is a super soldier. Guardian is a super cop. In Metropolis no less.

Anybody else a fan of the golden Guardian? Just imagine a series by a team like Greg Rucka, Dale Eaglesham, with covers by Alex Ross...


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