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Exclamation Fall and Rise of Capt. Atom

Just got caught up on the last three issues and I've gotta say I like what kind of story they're crafting with this. A million times better than what I read of the Death of Hawkman.


The beginning of the series opens up some time after CA's New52 comic , in 2013, and his powers are out of control. He's still trying to be a hero despite the world's views of him, and pre Rebirth Superman, Cyborg, and GL/Hal show up and even make mention of the Flash's appearance in the aforementioned series. What happens next has the League trying to get CA back to his base of operations in Kansas and what happens appears to be the complete destruction of a town.

Going into issue #2 you find out CA is back and in the 90's before superheroes debuted in the new mainstream universe, and living life as a normal human. He meets a woman, and just before he can marry her his powers return and send him back to the future. She found out she was preggers just before he disappears. This issue was particularly odd because much of the narration sounded like the bits of Watchmen narrated by Dr. Manhattan.

Issue #3 Cap is back and in 2017, his powers are changing, and his look seems to be shifting back to more what it was rather than a solid blue energy being. In all honesty I'm hoping for the return of the Alex Ross suit. His old contacts reach out to him and suggest a new alias, since he can shift back to a normal human, and offer to help him sell himself to the public as an all new all different Capt. Atom. He then finds out that the town he seemingly destroyed... only had three deaths from the accident. And then he finds out after discovering the woman he'd had relations with in the 90's was dead, by somebody unknown to him AND the reader, that he's got a seventeen year old son.


I know it's going to tie into what's going on with the Watchmen, I just can't wait to see how. The art is top notch, the story keeps a good enough pace. Three more issues to go.

Please don't skip this series because you have preconceptions about Captain Atom. This is clearly taking Rebirth like steps to *fixing* the character but still tying it into his more recent history.

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