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Originally Posted by Ωmega Man View Post
Doomsday Clock > Heroes in Crisis
You're probably right. I'm not personally skipping it because I think it's not as good a story, but just because I believe DC is legally right, but morally and artistically wrong to ever continue the Watchmen or merge it with DC. My feeling is like Jules' on eating sewer rat. I could be missing something great, but I'll never know.

Originally Posted by Ωmega Man View Post
...The Kyle panel is aggravating because it's the only aspect of his character they wanna use him for [mostly just Tom King who wrote him speaking fluent Spanish in Omega Men]. . .
And you just know there's this whole group out there now that if you said Kyle was partly Irish would go "but he's Hispanic." It just proves DC is racist against the Irish.

Originally Posted by Ωmega Man View Post
...I liked the bits with all the Robins...
Yeah, that was one of those fun bits in the book. Although I highly doubt Damian would ever go to Sanctuary voluntarily.

Originally Posted by Ωmega Man View Post
...We never got an answer to that bloodied GL suit. They didn't even really tell us who all of the dead victims were aside from the ones clearly shown in-panel...
Yeah, that is a problem. It's like they wanted this to be an event/crisis, but didn't give us that payoff.

Originally Posted by Michael Heide View Post
Also, they use time travel to prevent Wally from killing future Wally, but none of the others. Now I'm all for self-consistent time travel stories (like Twelve Monkeys), but that's just not how time travel works in the DCU. Not even trying to save Roy, or any of the others, is insane.
Yep. That's exactly what I'm saying and they don't even address it with a throw-away line (like "too bad we couldn't have prevented the tragedy, but..."). That's a massive plot hole.

I still have a hard time believing this isn't going to be undone. I can't believe they really offed Roy nor that the canon Ivey will be this vegetable infant version. I mean apart from what they've done to Wally.

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