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Andrew NDB
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Originally Posted by Star-Lantern View Post
You have to factor in that DC has to pay people to make the comics. So it is not like DC publishes two comics at no cost. They may have been making a profit, but was it substantial, all things considered?

Also, Hal Jordan was wandering from place to place and job to job before Denny O'Neil started writing him. That is how places like Evergreen City and characters like Eve Doreamus came about. I think Morrison is inspired more so by that period than the O'Neil era.
There's really no other newer era to draw upon. The tiny bit of civilian Hal stuff in the beginning of Vol. 3? Geoff Johns having him be a hotshot pilot with a girlfriend who he forgot about for a few issues in Vol. 4, before losing interest in that?

You have to go way back.
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Michael Allred
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Well here's the thing - Simon and Jessica were never that interesting to begin with. The diversity thing can only get you along so far, after a while the characters need to be compelling and the story more exciting than "generic space bad guy."
Continuing from there, there are simply too many human/Earth Lanterns. What are we at now? 7? It's just gotten watered down. It's time to phase Simon and Jessica out. The experiment didn't pan out. It happens. Let's move on.
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These people don't know what the hell they are doing. It will be interesting to see what crappy ideas DC will come up with in the future. They are going down the drain.
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