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Lightbulb Doomsday Clock Thread (SPOILERS!!)

So far issues #1-3 have me hooked. These delays are killing me and I'm wondering if it's because the story is somehow being changed by Editorial. It says 'spoilers' in the thread title, so read on if you dare cause I'm gonna jump right into the meat of the series.

1.) The idea that Doc Manhattan left the Watchmen Universe after the original series IS an interesting take, as well as him hiding out in the DCU. The theory that claims he's been a DC character for some time is also interesting, however I don't want that character to be Captain Atom. The character DM was based on, Capt. Atom, is basically the answer to Superman in the Charlton Comics stable of characters. And IDK about the rest of you, but the Fall and Rise of Capt. Atom series got me hoping to see more of the newest incarnation of Cap somewhere in this post-Rebirth Universe.

2.) Mime and Marionette are the best. And also based on Charlton characters like the rest of the Watchmen. Anybody remember a pair of losers who Tom King made badasses in recent issues of Batman... Punch and Jewelee? 'I Am Suicide' is one of my favorite recent Batman stories, mostly because of those two. However in Doomsday Clock Mime and Marionette are INSANE. I've been waiting for a character based on a mime to have invisible constructs to a degree.... and it FINALLY happened. LOL I can't wait for their eventual meeting with the Joker.

3.) The Supermen Theory is an interesting one... however I'm not so sure I like that DC is making the origins of Metamorpho AND Man-Bat [two of my favorite C-listers] tied to the goverment creating metahumans angle. There's tons of other characters DC could have put up for this like Lady Clayface, but they chose two who are prominent figures in both the Terrifics and the new JL Dark title.

4.) They brought the Comedian back. Now bring back the real Rorschach. If DC is never gonna give us another Question series and a few Watchmen universe characters are gonna stay in the DCU [like M&M... I'd love for those two to hang around longer] then giving us Rorschach in the DCU would be a treat. The new guy might work, but we know next to nothing about him aside from the fact he had Kovac's journal.


So who else is reading this? And why does Batman have the yellow circle as part of his symbol again but not on the Rebirth accurate suit cover?


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