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Default The Bottom Line

Fast reviews... no long winded analysis.

This will be a place where you can come for quick, concise, information about new movies.

First up:

The Last Airbender ~ Bad acting, great effects, shoddy storytelling. It could've been 30 minutes longer. Its worth seeing, but you may want to wait for the dollar theater.

Grown Ups ~ Good ensemble, no need to think, no real conflict. It was almost too carefree. Definately will be enjoyable, but a big screen experience with it is unneeded.

The A-Team ~ Great story, awesome effects, perfect casting. Its an absolutely perfect summer movie. If you haven't already seen this one, you need to make a trip to the movie theater TONIGHT!

Splice ~ Bad story, bad execution, misleading promos. The movie is sold as a horror flick, but is really just a laughably bad drama. Skip this one altogether, you'll be better off having not wasted your time.

There will be more to come as I see them.
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