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Default Aberration's sale thread - NEW LOWER PRICES! :D

My feedback:

Hi everyone, here's what I have for sale, prices do NOT include shipping:

Power Rangers
15th Anniversary MMPR Red Ranger - opened but complete
15th Anniversary Zeo Red Ranger - opened but complete
15th Anniversary Turbo Red Ranger - opened but complete
15th Anniversary Space Red Ranger - opened but complete
15th Anniversary Lost Galaxy Red Ranger - opened but complete
15th Anniversary Lightspeed Rescue Red Ranger - opened but complete
15th Anniversary Wild Force Red Ranger - sealed
15th Anniversary Ninja Storm Red Ranger - sealed
15th Anniversary Mystic Force Red Ranger - sealed
15th Anniversary Operation Overdrive Red Ranger - sealed
All are $12 each

MMPR 2010 Pink Ranger - sealed - $7
MMPR 2010 Yellow Ranger - sealed - $7

DC Superheroes / DC Universe Classics (all loose)
Green Lantern Hal Jordan (first release) - $10
DCSH Mongul = $10

Doctor Who
Seventh Doctor + Remembrance Dalek (white/gold) - sealed - $40
Auton Roman soldier - $7
Stone Auton Roman soldier - $7
Sontaran - $7

Justice League Unlimited (JLU)
(NOTE: The links below are not my pictures, they're just for quick reference. Pictures of my actual supply are available upon request.)

Sand/Star Sapphire/Superman 3-pack PIC - $17
Sinestro (blue suit) w/ yellow mace - $7
Lex Luthor in green suit w/ Kryptonite knuckles PIC - $7
SDCC Solomon Grundy (the outer brown box is open, but the inner windowed packaging is still sealed) PIC - $45

John Stewart w/"Morph Gear" jetpack - $10
John Stewart in neon green w/"grabby hand" construct PIC - $10
John Stewart/Tomar-Re/Kilowog 3-pack PIC - $5 per figure, $12 for all 3
Katma Tui w/stand PIC - $5
Arkkis Chummuck PIC - $5
Justice Lords John Stewart PIC - $5
"Lantern Effect" Amazo (from a Target exclusive 6-pack) PIC - $10

Giant fist construct from Mission Vision John Stewart PIC - $3
GL attack armor (no figure) PIC - $2

Transformers - Generation 1 (G1)
Pointblank - Loose, no shield or Peacemaker - $10

Transformers - Generation 2 (G2)
Air Raid - loose w/bio card
Skydive - loose w/bio card
$12 each

Transformers - Beast Wars
Dinobot - original version, loose - $12
Cheetor - original Takara version, sealed - $20
Transmutate - loose, complete - $55

Transformers - Alternators
Tracks - Red box, opened but complete. Takara flame sticker available too. - $16

Transformers - Spychangers
Ox (Jusco) - $50
X-Car (Jusco) - $50
Wars (Jusco) - $50
Counter Arrow (Super) x2 - $20 each
Eagle Killer (Super) - $20
Eagle Killer (Clear Super) - $30
Ox (Super) x2 - $20 each
X-Car (Super) x2 - $20 each
Wars (Super) x2 - $20 each
X-Brawn - $3

Transformers - Robots In Disguise
Bruticus - Complete w/bio card & instructions - $10
Nightcruz - Complete, paint on one of the missiles is a little scuffed - $7

Transformers - Armada
Blurr - loose, complete w/instructions - $9
Adventure Mini-Con team - loose, complete w/instructions - $3
Night Attack Mini-Con team - sealed - $4

Transformers - Energon
Starscream - loose, complete w/instructions - $10
Doom-Lock - loose, complete w/instructions - $7
Command Ravage - loose, complete w/instructions - $6
Divebomb (weapon has 2 blunt ends) - loose, complete w/instructions - $6
Insecticon - loose, complete w/instructions - $6

Transformers - Cybertron
Quickmix - missing cyber key, but otherwise complete w/box - $15
Overhaul - loose, complete w/instructions and cardback - $5
Override GTS - loose, complete w/instructions and cardback - $7
Hot Shot - loose and modified with blue wings (swapped with Excellion) - $9
Hardtop - loose, complete, no instructions - $5

Transformers - Universe
Legends Blades
Legends Air Raid
Legends Skydive
all loose, $5 each

Transformers - Robot Heroes
Movie Starscream (from Allspark Bumblebee 2-pack)
Movie Ironhide (from Dispensor 2-pack)
ROTF Ironhide vehicle (from Battle Of The Fallen set)
ROTF Megatron vehicle (from Battle Of The Fallen set)
ROTF Lennox (from Desert Devastation set)
ROTF Skids vehicle (from Desert Devastation set)
ROTF Mudflap vehicle (from Desert Devastation set)
$1 each

Transformers - Crossovers (Star Wars & Marvel)
Darth Vader/TIE Fighter - Loose, complete w/instructions and cardback - $9
Boba Fett/Slave I - Loose, complete w/instructions and cardback - $9
Han Solo + Chewbacca/Millenium Falcon - Loose, complete w/instructions. (I have the box too, if you want it) - $20 w/o box, $25 w/box
Iron Man (fighter jet) - Loose, complete w/instructions and cardback - $9

Transformers - Movie
Leader Optimus Prime - loose, complete w/instructions and bio cardback - $25
Leader Optimus Prime (Premium) - loose, complete w/instructions and bio cardback - $25
Optimus Prime "beamer" - loose, in great condition - $12

Japanese EZ Collection (legends) exclusives, all sealed:
Defender Optimus Prime
Infiltration Soundwave
Stealth Bumblebee
Desert Attack Demolishor (white)
$50 each

Transformers - Power Core Combiners
Smolder & Chopster - Loose w/instructions - $8

JLA TPBs: ($6 each)
Vol. 10 - Golden Perfect (Joe Kelly/Doug Mahnke)
Vol. 11 - The Obsidian Age, part 1 (Joe Kelly/Doug Mahnke)
Vol. 12 - The Obsidian Age, part 2 (Joe Kelly/Doug Mahnke)
Vol. 13 - Rules of Engagement (various)
Vol. 14 - Trial By Fire (Joe Kelly/Doug Mahnke)
Vol. 15 - The Tenth Circle (Chris Claremont/John Byrne)

New Avengers/Transformers TPB - $6

(I'd prefer these to be complete with all accessories plus instructions. Loose is better for the sake of keeping prices down, but if you do have cardbacks, that's a nice bonus. The exception to this would be anything from Armada or Energon, I don't care about the packaging for those.)

Energon Rodimus (don't need instructions)
Robot Masters Reverse Convoy
Cybertron Blurr

1x blue Autobot energon star
1x weapon from Fox Kids Transmetal Waspinator

Toy Biz Marvel Legends VI Punisher (movie version)

Bio/Instructions for:
G1 Nightbeat
G1 Pointblank
G1 Scorch
G1 Micromaster Hot Rod Patrol
G1 Micromaster Race Track Patrol
G1 Action Master Tracks
BW Airazor
BW Dinobot II
TFTM Jazz (NOT Final Battle)
Universe legends Warpath

1. KINDNESS MATTERS. Treat me with respect and you will get the same in return. If there is some disagreement, I would be more than happy to talk it out without name-calling.

1a. Based on multiple recent experiences, I am enacting a new rule: If you need to call off our deal for any reason, just tell me. (I consider a deal to be made at the point when you say "I'll take it", and I send you my PayPal info.) Just send me a polite PM saying you need to cancel, and it's no harm, no foul. Do not leave my PMs unanswered, do not leave me hanging for a week just to tell me that you ended up buying from someone else. Feedback will be left for people who break this rule.

2. Pictures of any item are available upon request.

3. Please feel free to make offers, however I do reserve the right to refuse or make a counter-offer.

4. I accept money order and PayPal for payments.

5. I prefer to do business with U.S. buyers mostly, but international buyers can feel free to PM me. If you're cool and are ok with paying for the shipping, we can do business.

6. Please allow me 48 hours to respond to any messages. My job keeps me busy, but I will always make an effort to keep communication open.

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