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Default Is The Force Still Going 3D?

Is The Force Still Going 3D?
According to Star Wars 3D Rumor #137 it is. Maybe.
July 6, 2010
by Phil Pirrello LATEST IMAGES

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So many movies are getting (or being threatened with) the 3D conversion process, with arguably mixed results. But if one movie franchise can pull it off, we'd bet all of our Galactic credits on it being Star Wars.

And, based on a recent interview, our first look at A New Hope in 3D may be the next big chapter for the series.

Our tauntaun-lovin' friends over at (which was pointed out by Bleeding Cool) recently podcasted with Skywalker Ranch's sound engineers Matt Wood and David Acord, regarding their recent work remastering Obi-Wan's roar to scare away one very irate Sand Person in Episode IV.

"[Obi-Wan's roar] sound effect has been changed again. So at some point the audiences will be hearing that scene again with the new sound effect," they said on the podcast.

This revelation lead to some very interesting speculation as to what this is for and when we will see/hear it.

- LucasfilmComing to a galaxy near you. In 3D. Maybe.Some say the new remastering is for the Blu-rays, but in the interview with Wood and Acord they clearly state that the HD mix was completed in 2007. So naturally, all of this effort to remaster the Holy Trilogy points to the oft-rumored 3D theatrical release getting closer to reality.

Back in 2005, Lucas brought the first reel of A New Hope 3D to Showest and kick-started the rumor mill. So could a 3D re-release be the excuse Lucasfilm needs to go to the well again?

Force-toss your theories into the Comments below.

the fan boy in me wants to see it but the other side of me says its a bad idea
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I felt a great disturbance in the force, as if millions of WWE Network subscriptions were suddenly cancelled.
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I wish Lucas would jsut release these ultimate editions already... I'm tired of waiting for the disbanding of the senate scene Jimmy Smitts talked about shooting for Episode IV back when Episode III was wrapping... just gimmie my "complete" version of Star Wars, dammit! Don't make me go all Fanboys on yer ass!
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