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Jon Q. Citizen
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Originally Posted by White Gloves View Post
Awesome !
Seconded! Looks great!
“You were electrocuted by a Giant Moth. That kind of thing will scramble your brain right good." -- Boxer (in Godzilla #6)
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Originally Posted by Jon Q. Citizen View Post
Only because of Superman/Supergirl: Maelstrom. Other than that, he's o.k. Though I believe a poll would show that he is less popular than Benes, Kirkham, Turner, or Finch.....
lol, really? One mini knocks him down to a "bad artist"? So Benes, Turner or Finch have never had a bad mini/issue/arc huh? And by the way there really isn't anything wrong with Maelstrom, it's not stellar work but it certainly isn't terrible.

I'd take this:

over this:

every day of the week.

On the topic of Red Lanterns, I'll try and jump back on with this crossover. Haven't read a single issue of RL since #1 and Stormwatch has been on the periphery of my pull list for a while now, hopefully Milligan can get on point.
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I'm digging the new art. Good stuff. I've got every issue of this series out of the hope that it will get better with time...looks like it will!
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