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Default Dc Universe : Titans (Series)

Well I've now watched the first two episodes. And I have to admit I didn't hate it, as from the trailers I thought I might.

So far 2 episodes in it's very much a Raven Origin Story as well as making it clear the 1st season the team, which by this point hasn't technically formed yet, will be facing Trigon as their ultimate villain.

The TV-MA rating on the show is well deserved. Extreme violence, a lot of blood and a couple of scenes that I think will make most men cross their legs a bit.

So far we have seen Dick Grayson, a Detroit Cop, use his place as a cop to find people who have escaped justice in the legal system, and then meet it out on the streets as Robin. Hawk and Dove have been introduced and it seems very much like Dove is secretly in love with Dick and they have in the past had an affair.

Starfire has been in a few scenes, and the way their handling her seems very much as if the actress we see isn't really Starfire. It appears she may have taken over a body. Her powers have manifested twice so far, and it seems she's as confused has her scenes leave the audience.

Finally Raven. This young girl who knows their a growing darkness inside her that she can't control, and is scared out of her mind. People are coming after her to try and kill her and she doesn't know why or how to stop it. Or why any of this is happening to her.

Beast Boy has had all of one scene, showing him, as a Tiger, breaking into a electronics store and stealing either a movie or video game, its not clear.

Over all with only 2 episodes watched I'm at this point convinced to continue with the show. It's bloody, it's violent and it's not a show you want your kids watching. This is most definitely adult fair and they take pains to make that clear. From dropping F-Bombs to the amount of blood and vicious nature of the fight scenes.

So just be warned .. watch while the kids are asleep or otherwise occupied.


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