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Question Where's Conner Kent?

Since I brought him up in another thread, anybody else bummed he got replaced by a 12-13 year old Jon Kent as Superboy? I liked the clone since his first appearances during Reign of the Supermen, collected more comics featuring him than I had featuring Kyle for quite some time, and enjoyed his appearances in Young Justice [the *classic* comic series] Teen Titans, Legion of Superheroes, and the YJ cartoon series.

My question is simple. He died and/or was replaced with an older teen Jon Kent for a time only to return in Teen Titans before that New52 series ultimately got canned. Again. But... what happened to him between then and Rebirth?

I know some of you are going to say 'we've already got a Superboy'. And it's Superman's actual son, and to some that makes more sense. I get that. But what happened to Conner Kent? If Supergirl and Power Girl can co-exist, surely Conner could pick a new code name and stay in the game. I'd personally make him the Nightwing of the Superman family and maybe throw him into the more adult Titans team. What about the rest of you? Where could he go?

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