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Question DC Sandbox Villains?

You know how once in awhile Juggernaut will fight Spiderman? Sometimes the Absorbing Man fights somebody other than the Hulk or Thor? Lately with the issues between Disney/Marvel and Fox in the animated cartoons a lot more villains are in a larger sandbox and being used more across the board. Batroc is the last person I expected to see on a Spiderman cartoon. Immediately followed by Trapster/Paste Pot Pete.

The question I'm asking is what types of villains do you think could fight more than one hero in the DC Universe? Superman, Batman, and the Flash have plenty of rogues to go around.

I think anybody that isn't a *main* enemy of the hero should be able to crossover. Characters like King Shark, Heatwave, Multiplex [though at one time he was the arch of Firestorm, just too good not to use], Venom junkies, Parasite, Firefly, Replicant, Punch and Jewelee [LOVED them in 'I Am Suicide'], Scarecrow, Lion Mane, Goldface, Tattooed Man, Livewire, Dr. Polaris, Neutron, Shadow Thief, Girder, Hummingbird, Maxwell Lord, Ragdoll, Council of Spiders [they NEED to return], Captain Boomerang, the Key, Bane, Shrapnel, Condiment King, General Eiling, rogue Atlantian criminals, the Silver Swan, Sabbac, and Neron would work I think.

Any villain out there you'd really like to see go up against a different hero than the usual? I LOVE how during JL vs Suicide Squad we're seeing Aquaman vs Killer Croc. And how Bane was used in the Young Justice cartoon. I've wanted Capt. Atom to go up against Parasite ever since Kingdom Come and get a win. Could Replicant replicate Lantern tech on Earth? What if Dr. Crane/Scarecrow assumed a new identity and moved to Coast City, the 'city without fear'? Why haven't more criminals tried to assume a new alias and moved their operations?


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