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Question Can One Man Lead the GLC?

Under John's watch the GLC has slowly been crippled as far as numbers go. To the point he's aligned himself with the remains of the Sinestro Corps currently being lead by Soranik Natu [daughter of Sinestro and former GL]. There's plenty of reasons why this doesn't make sense, namely the fact the majority of the Sinestros attacked Earth. I'd offer Natu her GL ring back and maybe one or two redeemable Yellow Lanterns... but not any large number of them. Do the remaining Green Lanterns even have enough numbers to evenly pick up the slack? I mean, if there's 600 GLs do they each now protect 6 sectors each?

To get to the point, is John Stewart capable of running the entire GLC? Is any one man really up to the task? Even Hal's run as 'leader' had it's problems.

In the absence of the Guardians of the Universe I think a better solution would be a Lantern Council made up of senior ranking GL's who made decisions based on votes. John could still be among them and maybe include Salaak [for being the Guardians right hand], and Protocol Officer], Kilowog [for being Chief Instructor], Stel [also for being an Instructor], Natu [if/when she becomes a GL again for her medical background and feats], Torquemada [for his knowledge on the alien supernatural], Tomar Tu [if he's still the keeper of the Book of Oa, I think that may be Salaak now though], and Green Man [who I'd make the LAST Alpha Lantern].

Thoughts? Would you do a Lantern Council, and if so who would you add? Do you think the Guardians should return or that Ganthet and Sayd need to stop dicking around with Blues and come home to the GLC? Will we ever find out what happened to the Templar Guardians?

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