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Default Fallout 76 My 1st impressions

I had decided to hold off on this game until 6 months had passed and Bethesda had more time to patch the game. However my wife bought the game for me for Christmas and I've had a few hours to dump into it.

The game runs as well for me as Fallout 4 did, some of the same bugs that exist in Fallout 4 and Skyrim (because of the engine) still occur. Things like objects or creatures being stuck high in the air or stretching wildly after dying. Other than that I haven't run into anything major other than a single quest bug that required me to restart the game to refresh the quest log.

The gunplay is the same as Fallout 4 which isn't very intuitive. Because the game is online the hit detection is off, I end up wasting ammo on creatures because the game isn't registering hit and kills quickly enough. Also the creatures move far too fast especially for a game, who's combat system is designed around VATS which doesn't work very well at all in real time. In Fallout 76 VATS, for those who don't know, doesn't pause or slow time down, it's real time and enemy movement changes the % to hit chance constantly. It's playable and feels like fallout but the gunplay leaves much to be desired.

The quests so far for me, and I'm maybe 6 hours into the game have all been tutorial in nature for the most part. Simple and on average good design, for a tutorial, except the length, most of that 6 hours has been walking between locations, and often one tutorial quest doesn't automatically lead into the second. You have to backtrack a lot in order to finish or start quests.

Finally the lack of NPC's. Bethesda has been really good over the years of doing "Environmental" story telling. This game is no different, but with no NPC's and a limited number of players per world instance it feels empty. Its more like a walking simulator than a Fallout game in that respect. With no NPC's to talk to, who flesh out story or give quests it simply feels like your playing out someone else's story after its already finished. As most of the quests outside the tutorial, given via notes, holotapes or terminal entries, are things people who lived before you came out of the vault already did, or were in the process of doing. All and all it makes the game world feel dead. And the things your doing feel pointless.

That's my first impressions again only 6 hours in, and I am having fun with it. But there is a lot to be desired here for a full experience. It's not a $60 game, don't pay that price for it. It isn't worth it.


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