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Bob Sachs
Voice of Guy Gardner
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Arrow !!! WOW !!! Wot A Day !!!

I had to work from 930AM til 600PM, then perform at a Thanksgiving bash/show, but my day wasn't over by far ... Noxie gave birth to five kittens, and won't leave me alone ... I hafta be there by the box for her to feed them ... She's gonna be in the computer room bugging me at any moment, so I'm gonna hafta log off soon ... What a day !!!


1. Work was okay ... Nothing special ...
2. My performance went good ... Half the crowd was already snookered on eggnog by the time I performed ... I had a few drinks before I did the show ... I got enuff laughs to fuel my ego for a couple days ...
3. I think Noxie thinks I'm some kitten guru or something ... The wife thinks Noxie may believe that I'm the daddy ... I love pussy, but beastiality (sp?) ain't my thing ... Hell, I can't even spell beastiality right, according to my spellcheck ...

Goodnite all !!!

YOU rock !!!
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Awesome boB!

Always nice to hear from our resident comic, and it's good that you had a good day.

I too had a good day, so
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"Weeds. All of them weeds. I am perfection, and I am alone in the garden of the universe." - Cyborg Superman
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I got a new apartment! YAY! but that doesn't come close to your kittens!
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My cat almost destroyed my PS3, but luckily only broke my mic... still... that bitch! Wait... whats the term for... ah nevermind.
Do good. Be well. Make happy.
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The Cosmic Geek
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I almost had kittens once, but I was really stressed out though.

Congrats on the kitties, Bob.
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