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Default Am I that out of touch?

Initially I must admit I hated on the Green Lanterns title at first. I saw it as overpopulation of earth GL's, a forced diversity play and a way for Hal to remain exiled in space. It also PO'd me that initially thanks to the release and advantages, it was outselling HJ&tGLC. It was on my pull list but I had to order an extra copy of HJ&tGLC (the alt covers) so that it wouldn't appear that I liked both books equally.
Here is the sad part just when the title gets interesting to me, Simon and Jess go to Oa and do real GL like things, sales start to dip. Then Humpries does an arc I am actually enjoying a bit, I like the ancient Lanterns as characters, and I hear that he is leaving the book. Is Green Lanterns dip in sales because the initial push is just dissipating or are the things that I like most about the franchise what is causing it to hemorrhage readers? Not to compare it to the Ryan Reynolds movie, but the only part about it that I enjoyed were the space scenes. Not that I am a lemming or anything but as fans of the book, do you guys prefer the way the book was initially more than it is now?
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