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Unhappy So... ComicBloc Forums are DEAD?!?

Back when I was a much younger man I used to hang out on the comicbloc forums because of their association with writers like Geoff Johns, Ron Marz, and Greg Rucka. This forum was also one of the first that I RP'ed on if not THE first. While FanFic wasn't allowed... for some reason 'RP'ing' was despite it being a multi-writer fanfic of sorts. I joined two or three JSA RPs before moving on, and after talking with AndrewNDB I came over to these forums. When this place got down to 63 active posters I thought WE were dying.

So in an effort to get more people in on the new RP I ventured over to comicbloc to find some interested parties... and now there's only 6 active posters with the most recent updated threads being one or two years back in EVERY sub forum.

It was just... sad. Was anybody else a member over there before jumping the fence and joining the green gang over here?

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