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Andrew NDB
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Default "Kikbait Talk"

So I've been working on... well, a puppet show with another guy. Basically the idea is that there's a couple of aliens (puppets) that leave their dying world to come to ours. They love Earth-based media (TV shows, movies, video games) and when two of them make it to Earth, they connect and compare notes on the various media they've each seen/enjoyed/hated.

For now, here is the Prelude. After this there will be talk about this or that movie or that TV show.

+ YouTube Video
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Trey Strain
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Well done. Just a couple of suggestions. I think a spoken intro would work better than writing. In a voice that sounds dramatic, like Orson Welles. And I don't know where you're going to show this, but it wouldn't hurt the content to make the language kid-friendly.
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