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Default The status of the Blackest Night

I have been wondering: it has been established that the Blackest Night is still canon, but since the entire DC Universe (with the exception of Green Lantern and related series) was rebooted in "The New 52!", what is the status of the Blackest Night in the greater DC Universe? Did it still happen, or has it been pigeonholed and confined to the Green Lantern universe ONLY?

The reason I ask is because during the Blackest Night, Black Lantern J'onn J'onzz talked about how he was the "heart of the Justice leage", but in The New 52, he never was a member of the Justice league-- instead, being a (possibly founding) member of the organization called Stormwatch.
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Blackest Night is supposed to have happened to some degree, but it's obvious that not everything happened since some of the BLs haven't even appeared yet in the new 52.
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BN still happened, but the Black Lanterns were mostly just general dead people, not former heroes and villains (as most of them were heavily altered by the New 52, and never died in the first place). This is especially true in the case of the fourteen people brought back to life at the end of the story; some of them do not exist at all in the New 52, and many others are totally different.

In other words, like just about everything's a mess.
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