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Caleb Lancaster
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Default Wacky, Crazy, and Creepy Christmas Stories

Anyone got one?

The season reminds me of some happy memories of Prsents but mostly the kicks to my face by my drunk-off-his-ass dad. Well that made a scott pilgram left turn. Anywho I'm often reminded of the Christmas Parade I would "escape" to every year and eventually through the Marching got to be a part of. One year me and my Girlfriend(Who was in the band too) were waiting for the parade to start while staying in parade block when what do you know Santa Claus shows up and starts talking to the French Horns in line(I was the odd Trumpet out and got shoved in the French Horn line next to my Girl-Friend), he eventually made his way to my Girl-Friend and asked her: "Are you Gonna Toot your Horn for me?" She was speachless and obviously trying not to laugh as me and the other horns couldn't help but burst into an almost synchronized laughter. Santa had a look like he had no idea what was happening, being an old guy and not knowing how bad his statement sounded. I looked at my Girlfriend, who had a face that screamed "What the hell do I say to that that doesn't say: Let's get a room." Of course I'm a nice guy and said to Santa: "I'll toot my Horn for ya!" Instantainiously causing everyone but santa to laugh. Santa of course then got the Double Entendra he had thrown out and then awkwardly walked away.
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