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With each subsequent issue, Final Crisis seems to really be building into something special. Grant Morrison seems to have a clear and definite vision about this story and the DCU in general and where he wants to take both.

And Iím on-board and ready to go with him.
Though Conor's full review of FC#3 pretty much sums up how I feel about Final Crisis, I'd like to give you all my feelings straight from the horses mouth.

Think hard and long about your gripes about Final Crisis. Go ahead, I'll wait. What? Are you upset because Infinity Man isn't being targeted by the Justice League for the death of the New Gods? Why? You know just as well as the rest of the world does, that Countdown was terrible. Now after reading issue 3, I think we all know that it was far worse than predicted. Countdown was supposed to lead up to Final Crisis, not spoil its main plot points...and then don't even take advantage of these.

So, throw Infinity Man out of your mind...what's next? Are you angry with Grant because he killed the Martian Manhunter? Its a fucking CRISIS. Bart Allen was killed by villains, why the hell couldn't the MM be killed. Being a hero means putting your life on the line..all the time. He knew that, and he made the best of it. Not to mention Grant/DC knew there would be a bit of a revolt coming from "you people" and easily shut you up with the great issue FC: Requiem.

Barry Allen's back. Are you a crazed Wally West fan that could've went the rest of your life with Barry Allen not returning and been completely happy with that? Well, aren't we all...but think about this. With Allen back, more people would have picked up The Flash comics whether Geoff Johns had been writing it anyway. Think about this, Barry wouldn't be back if it wasn't for a purpose. And he certainly wouldn't be back in issue #2 of 7 without serving a great purpose. So, in argument of hating Barry(which I DON'T) for the sake of hating FC...STOP. You're embarrassing yourself.

I'm having a hard time thinking of more crap to hate about Final Crisis...are you confused? is it the Super Young Team that bothers you? Well...

Get the fuck over it. Its Grant Morrison, by issue 7 you will ALL be saying "Wow, I'd never would have thought this story would end this way. He told a very well thought out story"

And if you're bothered by the fact that Final Crisis seems to be more of a huge "bridge" than a event, then please do me the favor of STFU and wait(and yes, I realize I was recently enlightened to this view). If you all had the benefit of reading Grant Morrison's Seven Soldiers of Victory or his Batman run, then you would EASILY have as much trust for him as I. And because most of you don't...