So while its not the biggest news coming out of the Toronto Fan Expo, I'd still like to talk about this renumbering....issue. If you have not heard or read, Dan DiDio and DC Comics have decided that the current volume of Wonder Woman be renumbered to the sum amount of her title with issue #45.

Which means that come June 2010, the amazon will go from issue #45 to #600. This is a direct reflection of fan outcry. Maybe more fans should start complaining on the Newsarama forums? That's obviously where editorial must believe that we all gather there to bitch. And bitch we did. Well, they did. I had no problem with the third member of the Trinity being a couple hundred issues behind Batman and Superman.

How many people out there are scared away from titles that feature big issue numbers? If DC stuck with...and I quote:

I didnít want people to be overwhelmed by the numbering
If they stuck with that motto, shouldn't the now Judd Winick written Batman title been canceled or restarted with Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly's Batman and Robin series launching? What about Green Lantern? They just hit issue #45, and why not celebrate issue #50 with a renumbered #474? Hey The Flash is revving back up, why not add Barry's initial run with Wally's #247 issues?

Let's go across the board shall we? Adventure Comics has already taken the "stuck in between stance". Where does Aquaman land once he inevitably returns? Firestorm maybe? Or maybe we need to send DC a backbone instead of post cards. Make an overall decision please?! Because you can't please everyone and not one fan cares if Barry Allen returns at #1. We'd much rather have #597. Hey, the Blackest Night: Flash mini can make it an even #600. How's that sound?

and thanks to Tina for helping me realize this.