I recently came across a great read(and idea) from Kelson at SpeedForce.Org who got from somewhere else and now I'm going to share it with you. The idea is that everyone can drop a few titles, but which 3 can you NOT drop. Your three most important titles, from miniseries to monthly titles. Kelson took the easy way out by separating minis from monthlies, but with my long list of titles it should be pretty easy for me to drop most, if not all minis. Like Kelson, I will be providing a short reasoning for why each title is bought, and why each title can or can't be dropped. Enjoy.

The Untouchables

Batman and Robin-by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely
Big surprise right? Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely are terrific, and though Frank is no longer on the book, I'm so invested in Grant's Batman saga that I would buy this title if my most hated artist was penciling it.

Red Robin-by Chris Yost and Ramon Bachs/Marcus To
This is easily one of my favorite(and most surprising) series. Following Tim Drake around the world has its ups and downs, but Yost is providing an interest story set against the backdrop of Bruce Wayne's death. While the other Batman family titles follow Dick Grayson and his new role, we see so much emotion from Tim in this book that we don't get from any other bat character. Plus, Yost is actually adding to Grant's saga unlike Winick's run on Batman that essentially ignores it.

Green Lantern-by Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke
Honestly, I haven't been enjoying the series for quite a few months. But I am thoroughly invested in it, and I'm very curious to see where its going every month...no matter how slowly it moves. I could just as easily put the Green Lantern Corps title in this spot, but I like Manhke's art way more than I enjoy Gleason's work. That being said, I prefer Mahnke's older art. The concept of many lantern corps is a cheesy one that I try(VERY HARD) to ignore but when Geoff puts less focus on the color and more on the characters, its always a good read.

The titles that would be dropped(and some would be missed) are:

- Not a fan of Winick's writing, nor am I convinced that Mark Bagely has gotten over Trinity. Borderline awful...

Batman: Streets of Gotham
- Dini/Nguyen is usually good stuff, but the story isn't much, Nguyen's art has no "effect" on me now, and Dini can't write a good Damian Wayne.

- Seems like this series is going to be really simple. That being said, I really like the the way Miller is writing Stephanie. Its about time she's become more than Tim's girlfriend.

Gotham City Sirens
- Ugh. HIGH hopes for this series but now its got to be my least favorite title. Its got good art(most months) but the book seems so contradicting to what we've come to know as basic character personalities. Has Dini lost it?

Detective Comics
- Great title. Wish the first arc was a better story, but it was certainly unique. Art...GORGEOUS. Can not be matched in comics. For that, I usually save this book for last on my read list on Wednesdays. Can't wait for Jock to come on too. Cully Hamner should leave "The Question" ASAP.

Blackest Night
- Looking forward to seeing how this story develops but it seems too simple and flat right now. I know Geoff is setting up a lot of post-BN DCU stuff with this, but its so forced and the excitement for the next issue dies down a week later. Art is great though. Where did Reis come from?!

Blackest Night: Titans mini
- I've enjoyed this series so far. Its simple(like BN) but its well written with great art. What more can I ask for in a mini?

Blackest Night: Superman mini
- Good art, repetitive story, and bad dialogue. EASY drop, though there's only one issue left.

Blackest Night: Batman mini
- DECENT at best. I love Ardian Syaf's pencils, but his Damian and Dick actually angers me. Neither look close to anything they've looked like previously. And the story's ending was blah. Plus there's continuity mishaps galore.

Justice League of America
- Here's hoping James Robinson's unexplainable/continuity contradicting JLA is a better read than McDuffie's or his own "Cry for Justice" mini

Justice League: Cry for Justice mini
- Mauro Cascioli's talent is being wasted on terrible dialogue. I'm talking Charles Barkley terrible.

Justice Society of America
- I like Bill/Matt's writing, just not so far. This story seems forced, but its logistics to get out of the way until Bill can tell his own story. Supposedly an Alan Scott centric story.

Final Crisis Aftermath: DANCE mini
- I have really enjoyed this series. Its taken a downturn since its initial first two issues but its still a fun read. Wish the art was better, ChrisCross and his replacements aren't that consistent.

Jonah Hex
- Good read most of the time, but I can't honestly justify reading this over my untouchables. Plus this 6 story arc isn't doing anything for me. I wonder if the Graphic Novel releasing next year ties into the book?

Superman: World of New Krypton
- Another story that is great. Gary Frank is outstanding, but the pacing to this story seems limited because of....

- This title isn't that great. But the Captain Atom co-feature is. CAFU needs another mini to do.

Action Comics- Another title that I have no qualms about dropping. People tell me to read REBELS or Booster Gold, Action Comics is holding their spot.

- Love this book. Sterling Gates is the man, and Igle should be doing a major book. He's got that "event" feel to him.

Adventure Comics
- Aside from continuity f-ups, I like this book. I could care less about Legion(wish this book was $3) but I buy mostly for Manapul's art and the cameos by Cassie and Tim.

Green Lantern Corps
- I've enjoyed Tomasi's writing but I think Gleason's art has been getting increasingly worse issue by issue. I think its the pressure of Blackest Night. Difficult drop.

- Hard drop because its still a Wally West title. I like the idea of these oneshot stories on the team(don't like the art by Angel) and can't wait for Roy's and Wally's(oh wait, he doesn't get one).

The Flash: Rebirth mini
- What? Its not over? I really wish I could justify keeping this. Ethan is great, but these delays are ridiculous. DROP.

Wonder Woman
- Its not that I hate Gail Simone's Diana, its just that she's had so many issues on this and has yet to do something impressive and definitive. The best thing about her run was bringing Diana's boyfriend to Themyscira. Still a hard drop because I want to keep up with the character.

So that's it. The breakdown of my comics, and yes...I only collect DC. Nothing against Marvel, but they never interested me enough to collect. I love the DCU and reading as many titles as possible gives me a bigger view of the universe. So what do my "Untouchables" say about me? I guess it says that I like stories that are meant to encompass a grander scheme, stories that are going to lead into something greater, stories that are going to be long and shrouded in mystery. Thank you Grant Morrison, Geoff Johns and Chris Yost(and all your various artists).