Previously, I told you about writer Grant Morrison's desire to tell a Wonder Woman story. That was quite some time ago(July!), though not too long ago I told you what I would do with DC Comics if I had ran the company. As you can see from both of those, I'm dying to get Princess Diana into the hands of Grant Morrison. Now comes word that that...wait for it....IT MIGHT HAPPEN!

Normally, people(including me) would tell you to take this with a grain of salt. However, I'm far too excited for it to let myself be let down now! Coming from BleedingCool's Rich Johnston, here's the Grant/Wonder Woman rumor that has me tingling inside:

So while Geoff[Johns] keeps control over the [Justice]League and two of its members, friend and colleague Grant Morrison will be keeping the others in check, continuing a monthly Batman book but also adding a Superman and Wonder Woman book to the mix, for the full Trinity set.
As a fan of GREAT comics, I'd like to say that not only am I absolutely thrilled that Grant will be taking on more monthly duties besides Batman and Robin(which I love), and Multiversity(which I have high hopes for), but I am also thrilled to know that Grant will be tackling Superman once again.

There are many great Superman stories out there, but not too many rank up there with me like All Star Superman(not to mention the outstanding work Morrison did with Superman during JLA days).

I'm enjoying the current status of the Superman comics that DC is putting out(for the most part). And unfortunately, its because of the current status that I have to settle down. I can't really see DC Comics changing the writers like Rucka, Gates, and Robinson(and kinda Geoff Johns) to bring on Morrison from out of no where. Maybe that trio have been building up towards Morrison's grand Superman event? Its the Superman element of this rumor that makes me think my wet dream of Grant Morrison writing a monthly Wonder Woman title, more like piss in the bed.

Here's hoping though!