Simon Baz is here. He's here, and he's a Green Lantern. Simon Baz is here, he's a Green Lantern, and as long as Geoff Johns is writing Green Lantern, you'll either learn to live with it or you're going to find another corner of the DC Universe to read. Let's be frank here, there is only so much you can do with these characters in a single issue. How long have fans been begging for the Green Lantern Corps book to diversify its lineup and stretch to a bigger lineup again? Instead Peter Tomasi admittedly plays favorites with Guy Gardner, to the detriment of John Stewart, Kilowog, and the seemingly forgotten Soranik Natu. We all know Kyle Rayner's New Guardians book can't fit another member in there, its jam packed as it is. Sinestro already took over Hal's spot in Green Lantern, and now comes another lantern to do the same? Remember when John Stewart was supposed to have a big role in Johns' GL book? Exactly. Never happened.

Let's face facts people, while Simon Baz is around, one of our fearless four is expendable.

Hey, I don't want to be that guy who hates Simon Baz and I'm certainly not the guy who hates change. I'm all for change. Hell, I should write an article about the things I'd change in the lantern books. Still, I feel that the writing is on the wall. I'll break it down book by book to make my case.

Red Lanterns. Obviously no Green Lantern is going to star in that book and certainly not the newest Green Lantern. Peter Milligan is still fleshing out his own Earth lantern in Rankorr.

Green Lantern: New Guardians. Highly unlikely that we'll see any GL pop up in that book(outside of the upcoming Wrath of the First Lantern event) because this is Kyle's title. Its about his journey and until he comes close to fulfilling that goal of his, I don't think bringing in a rookie GL to back him up is the right choice for him, his goal or readers.

Threshold. Simply put, zero chance. Not only is Threshold barely a lantern title, it already has a newly created(but not a rookie) Green Lantern in Jediah Caul. Giffen is playing with his own toys for that book.

Green Lantern Corps has Guy Gardner and John Stewart. I'd say since the New52 started, Tomasi has genuinely kept things even with Guy and John as far as story goes. Though it was a bit weird when the Zero issues came in September and John Stewart was no were to be found. Strangely enough, I've been calling for John's death for about a year now. That's another article entirely though. Point is, he's not Tomasi's favorite character like Guy is, and GLC is known to have A LOT of Green Lanterns killed. But would this be a good fit for Baz?

Probably not. Arisia, Kilowog, Stel, and Isamot Kol were all big parts of Tomasi's run with Pat Gleason but have all fallen by the wayside since Emerald Warriors was cancelled. Now, we're lucky if Salaak gets a word in.

So of course that leaves us with Green Lantern. Sinestro's book that features Hal Jordan. Though to be fair, Hal has been a supporting character in this book since Rage of the Red Lanterns. What's one more lantern do to the mix? And Johns is surely capable of writing a good team book. He's got highly praised runs on JSA to prove it. Even with his original time on The Flash he was balancing out character time well. Can he do it? Absolutely. Will he do it though? That I can't say because this is fresh ground here. Simon Baz needs to be developed and that is not going to happen in an arc or two. Especially when those arcs coincide with a crossover like 'Wrath' will be.

The good news is that Simon Baz is also going to be in the Justice League of America book come February. Again, another team book. But knowing that he'll still be in Johns' hands in JLA, that MAY make Hal Jordan(and Sinestro) fans happy.

And that also means we don't have to see John Stewart die. Because lets face it people, he's expendable. Tomasi has done anything with him, Tony Bedard's big story with him turned into a Boodikka story, and Geoff Johns couldn't find time to use him. If an Earth lantern needs to be taken, at least its the guy who kills more Green Lanterns than Arkillo, Atrocitus, Larfleeze and Indigo-1 combined.