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Volume 1 - The Mirage Black and White Era  Volume 2 - The Mirage Color Era

Volume 3 - The Image Era  Volume 4 - The Mirage Black and White Era Returns


Volume 1, #1-62, TMNT Volume 2, #1-13, TMNT Volume 3, #1-23 (Image Comics), TMNT Volume 4, #1-28 (current Mirage Publishing series), Gobbledy Gook special (their first appearance, though only an ad), Shell Shock (backstory collection from Volume 1), Tales of the TMNT Volume 1 #1-7, Tales of the TMNT Volume 2 #1-32, Tales of Leonardo #1-4, Body Count #1-4 (originally titled Casey Jones & Raphael), Casey Jones: North by Downeast #1 & 2, Turtle Soup special, Turtle Soup #1-4, Plastron Café #1, The Haunted Pizza special, The Maltese Turtle special, Shell of the Dragon special, Times Pipeline special, TMNT: Challenges graphic novel, TMNT/Creed special, TMNT/Flaming Carrot #1-4, TMNT/The Savage Dragon, TMNT/The Savage Dragon II, The Savage Dragon #2 & #22, The Savage Dragon/Destroyer Duck, Mars Attacks Image #1, Usagi Yojimbo Volume 1 #10, Usagi Yojimbo Volume 2 #2 & 3, Gen 13 #13B, Big Bang Comics #10, Leonardo special, Raphael special, Michaelangelo special, Donatello special, Muscle & Faith online graphic novel, Digital Webbing #24


Most of the above have been collected in trade paperbacks available from Mirage Publishing. To get an order form, send a self-addressed stamped envelope requesting one to: Mirage Publishing, P.O. Box 486, Northampton, MA 01061. You can also simply print out the order form available from the official Mirage website available here.


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