Chat with Michael Dooney
Conducted by Futbalhed

December 4, 1997

MD: Just trying to catch up on my mail. Life isn't all turtles you know!

Futbalhed: Yeah...:) mail can pile up alot!

Futbalhed: Did you ever get that program I sent you to work?

MD: I used to complain that I didn't get any snail mail, now I feel like I've got to work to stay ahead of my e-mail. Oh well that is the price that we pay to be connected to the world!

Futbalhed: Yeah! email is always coming! I went to the con this weekend, came back and had a ton of mail!

Futbalhed: What are you working on nowadays?

MD: Working on 3D toy prototype sculptures, can't talk about details or I'd have to kill you. Getting a lot of pressure from my art friends to do some comic book work again but it is hard to do everything I want to do.

Futbalhed: No...please dont kill me!

Futbalhed: You should do a tmnt cover sometime :p

MD: I think that Erik is happy with the covers on the image books as they are. Also, it is always nice to do some non-TMNT work also.

Futbalhed: Yeah...I like your non tmnt work.

Futbalhed: All that stuff on your page is cool!

Futbalhed: I'm an artist also....when i was little i got into tmnt and drew them all the time....but now i barely ever do....but i think they got me into drawing .

MD: Whatever gets people to draw is a good thing.

Futbalhed: yeah :)

Futbalhed: I showed my work to Eric Talbot in '94...he told me i had to work on my anatomy..but everything else looked good...

Futbalhed: I struggle with the backgrounds problem is I concentrate too much on the figure

MD: Figure drawing is the most noticeable part of comic art but for anyone that does them, the whole image needs to work at the same level.

Futbalhed: Yeah...I have to concentrate on backgrounds..I guess I just don't like to draw them as much....

Futbalhed: I like to do portraits too.

Futbalhed: Do you know anything about the next TMNT movie?

MD: Keep working on it, being creative in some part of life is important for everybody.

MD: Don't know the status of movie 4.

Futbalhed: Yeah...I keep trying to draw as much as I can...between school and work...:p

Futbalhed: I think that movie's a long ways off anyway.

Futbalhed: What happened to all the other Mirage guys? do they go to any shows?

MD: I did designs for the original movie 4 but I think that it must not [be] the same script anymore.

Futbalhed: yeah..i keep hearing it changing all the time...something about city at war and venus or something...

MD: You are not helping me catch up on my mail!!!!

Futbalhed: Sorry :p

MD: Eric [Talbot] is working for a multimedia company, he just finished the art animation on the new Jerky Boys CD.

MD: Jim Lawson is working on Planet Racers graphic novels with Pete.

Futbalhed: Cool! Last time I saw him was '94 in Philly....

MD: Craig Farley does mostly computer art now, 3D animation he is my art/techno god.

Futbalhed: Oh that's what I want to get into! I'm going to go to school for that!

MD: Dan Berger does the TMNT website and is about to publish his own comic called Gutwallow.

MD: There is no getting passed the computer, if you want to do art in the future, you have to know some of it.

Futbalhed: Yeah...he emails me sometimes when i ask q's to the website....he's pretty cool...

Futbalhed: Yeah..the computer is the future or art i think.

MD: Even I use Photoshop and I'm a techno dinosaur.

MD: I should really go, any last question?

Futbalhed: I love Photoshop...i took a class in that.

Futbalhed: are you going to be on irc anytime?

MD: I've got a mac so I don't know if that file you sent is what I need, to be honest, I don't even know what it is.....shheeesh!

Futbalhed: Ah..i'll have to ask some people on the TMNT list...don't know much about it

Futbalhed: Don't know if it'll work on a mac or not.

MD: Check it out and let me know, and if I can figger it out, I'll drop by. Take care!

Futbalhed: Okay! cool! bye!